2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

Application Procedures Contact Information

In most cases, application may be made online. Visit the appropriate school/college website for specific information.

Paper applications, along with a $60 application fee, should be sent to the following offices at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas 76129, depending on the desired field of study:

M.J. Neeley School of Business

TCU Box 298540

Bob Schieffer College of Communication

TCU Box 298040

College of Education

TCU Box 297900

College of Fine Arts

TCU Box 298000

AddRan College of Liberal Arts

TCU Box 297200

Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences

TCU Box 298625

College of Science & Engineering

TCU Box 298960

Graduate Studies

TCU Box 297024

In addition to the application for admission, prospective students must have two official transcripts mailed from the registrar's office, for all previous colleges attended, to the appropriate office. If the last school attended was TCU, the appropriate office will obtain the necessary records.

Notices of admission to graduate study are not held for release on any particular date but are sent as soon as action is taken. Successful applicants are notified of the date for which acceptance has been granted.