2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog


A finance major concentrates on the management of financial resources for the firm or the investment portfolio. The field of finance integrates concepts from economics, accounting and a number of other areas. The central focus of finance is the relationship of risk and return.

Financial managers attempt to achieve wealth maximization through daily activities such as credit and inventory management and longer-term decisions related to raising funds and allocating capital. Investment specialists evaluate and select securities, manage investment portfolios and raise capital to finance business, government and private needs.

TCU students may apply for a position on the Educational Investment Fund and, if selected, gain valuable investment experience working with approximately 18 fellow students to manage a $1 million stock and bond portfolio.

The trend toward the securitization of financial assets and real estate, international financial transactions and derivative products; such as options and futures, continues to generate job opportunities in finance. Finance careers include corporate financial management, commercial banking, investment brokerage, portfolio management, investment banking and insurance.