2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The entrepreneurship and innovation major offers a unique combination of specialization and generalization in the study of entrepreneurship and innovation. To remain viable, nearly all new and established organizations require some degree of innovation, and most demand both an entrepreneurial perspective and a skill set for success. Whether it be assembling resources, recruiting and retaining top talent, designing a business model, developing new products or services, generating and communicating a compelling vision, managing relationships within the company and throughout the value chain, transitioning the business through various stages of growth, or navigating an uncertain future, effective leadership entails a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and innovative action. The entrepreneurship and innovation major prepares students to identify and exploit business opportunities, launch their own business, grow an existing business, assist others in starting or running a business, or contribute to entrepreneurial and innovative activities in an established organization. Career opportunities for those with strong skills in entrepreneurship and innovation are diverse since most for-profit and not-for-profit organizations require entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities. Career possibilities include business owner, manager of a family business or entrepreneurial company, member of an innovation team, analyst for a venture capital or private equity firm, team leader within a research and development unit of an organization, management consultant, economic development officer, and director of a not-for-profit business.