2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog


Philosophy is available as a major on the BA and BS degrees and as a minor on both the BA and BS degrees. Philosophy is the systematic study of fundamental life issues. It deals with the application of logical reasoning to topics such as human nature, ethics, mind and knowledge. Students who study philosophy have the opportunity to acquire superior skills of logical analysis, argumentation, and written and oral expression. Although approaching these issues with the rigors of the philosophical method is both new and challenging to beginning students, most of those who study philosophy usually find the experience both interesting and rewarding. They also take with them numerous lessons from their studies that enable them to live in a way that is both more successful and fulfilling.

Honors College

Philosophy majors who plan to pursue Departmental Honors must be members of the Honors College and should enroll in PHIL 30003 during their junior year and PHIL 40000 the fall semester of their senior year. (PHIL 30003 may be included in the 24 semester hours required for the major, but PHIL 40000 may not.)