2021-22 Graduate Catalog


Students may pursue the Master of Arts, the Master of Science, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Biology.

Prerequisites for the MA/MS degrees: A BA or BS degree with a biology major or 24 semester hours of biology including intermediate or advanced undergraduate courses in cellular and molecular biology, organismal biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, physiology, microbiology or their equivalents. Students with majors in other areas may be considered upon request, but may be required to make up any deficiencies in their undergraduate preparations.

The GRE is not required. Any submitted GRE score is part of a holistic review of each application and official documents are required if scores are submitted for inclusion with the application.

As part of their professional training, full-time graduate students in biology with biology assistantships are required to participate in the undergraduate teaching function of the department. This requirement is met by assisting in undergraduate labs, giving laboratory instructions, leading seminars or discussion groups, and grading written assignments and exams.

Prerequisites for the Ph.D.:

  1. Successful completion of the MS degree at TCU under the direction of a member of the biology faculty with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. At least 12 hours of graduate coursework for the MS degree must be in biology; these hours are in addition to hours earned in BIOL 70980 and BIOL 70990.
  2. Documented evidence indicating research productivity and the potential to complete the requirements for a Ph.D. Evidence of research productivity should be submitted to the Committee on Graduate Studies (COGS) and can include, but is not limited to, publications in scientific journals or presentations at regional, national or international scientific meetings.
  3. Completed TCU online graduate application to the Ph.D. program, including a statement of purpose and two letters of recommendations from individuals who can comment on the student's potential for excellence in research and teaching.
  4. Demonstrated ability to serve as a teaching assistant in undergraduate biology courses at TCU.