2021-22 Graduate Catalog

History, Ph.D.

To be admitted to study in the Ph.D. program, an applicant must complete 24 hours of undergraduate history courses and have scored at least 153 on the verbal portion of the GRE and 4.0 on the analytical writing portion of the exam.

Students must also present a strong academic record and provide evidence of an ability to do scholarly research and writing. Even though he/she may have earned an MA degree at TCU, the student must reapply to AddRan College before being admitted to work toward the Ph.D. degree. GRE scores, a statement of purpose and writing sample, and three letters of recommendation are required.

The doctorate is offered in the areas of the U.S. and Latin America history. Students are normally expected to earn the MA degree before continuing toward the Ph.D.

Degree Requirements

  1. A suitable number and variety of graduate courses to prepare the student for the qualifying examination and for the writing of the dissertation. In addition to the major area of specialization, the student also completes coursework in two minor areas, usually 9 hours in each. With approval of the student's graduate committee, as many as 12 hours may be taken outside the department. The doctoral program comprises no fewer than 54 hours of graduate courses for credit exclusive of credit hours for the thesis or dissertation.
  2. Reading knowledge of one approved foreign language, usually selected from French, German or Spanish. The language should be the one most appropriate to the student's research and fields of concentration. Reading knowledge can be demonstrated by superior performance on the ETS examination, by satisfactory completion of a special course offered by the Department of Modern Languages, by independent study and successful examination by a member of the department fluent in the language, or by achieving at least a "B" in 6 hours of sophomore-level college language courses. The language requirements must be met before submitting the comprehensive portfolio.
  3. There are two required courses, HIST 50963 (Historiography) and HIST 800083 (History as a Profession). Students who have taken similar courses at other institutions may petition the graduate committee for a waiver and will need to take other courses in lieu of these hours. Students are also required to take a minimum of two research seminars as a part of their overall coursework.
  4. A comprehensive portfolio consisting of written materials and an oral examination covering two minor fields and the major area of specialization. The student must pass the written portions of the portfolio before taking the oral exam. In the event that the student fails the oral exam, the student's committee has the option to allow one more opportunity to pass. Upon completion of the comprehensive portfolio and a successful oral exam, the student is admitted to candidacy. For specifics regarding this examination, see the Department of History Guide to Graduate Study.
  5. A doctoral dissertation constituting an original contribution to scholarship or a new synthesis of existing knowledge. The candidate defends the dissertation in a final oral examination.