2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Religion, BA

The BA with a major in religion requires 30 semester hours, distributed as follows:

  1. Six hours in each of three broad course groups (18 total hours)
  • Communities (historical or phenomenological accounts of religious communities, separately or comparatively);
  • Texts and Ideas (religious texts and discourse; religion in word and thought; religious thinking in historical context); and
  • Society and Culture (religion as it intersects with historical social practices, material cultures and social constructions).

  1. A three-hour capstone Seminar - RELI 40603 or, if pursuing departmental honors, RELI 30003
  2. Nine additional elective hours of religion

Additionally, the following requirements must be met within the 30 hours:

  • At least three hours must be taken at the 10000 level, and no more than six hours may be taken at that level.
  • Three hours must be taken in a specifically designated Sophomore Seminar.
  • At least 18 hours must be taken at the 30000 level or above.