2022-23 Graduate Catalog

Admission Requirements

For admission, an applicant must possess a bachelor's degree from an institution regarded as standard by the University and a regional accrediting agency.

For unconditional admission, the student must have satisfactory undergraduate preparation for the particular degree sought. This is determined by the chair of the major department and the dean of the appropriate school/college, and includes a "B" average in either the last 60 hours of undergraduate work or in all undergraduate work; a "B" average in the major field and satisfactory scores on the appropriate tests required by the school/college.

Individual departments or schools/colleges may set higher standards and require other tests. Specific departmental admission requirements are provided at the beginning of the list of departmental course offerings.

A satisfactory application does not guarantee acceptance. An application may be rejected if there are more applicants than openings in the intended major area or if the program TCU provides is not suitable to the applicant's vocational goals, for example.

Complete and certified transcripts (mailed from the registrar's office directly to TCU) from all colleges attended; an application form with application fee (see department website); and a Report of Health History, including documentation of the required immunizations, are required. These forms may be obtained from the TCU Health Center website,http://www.healthcenter.tcu.edu/forms.asp. International students must also submit the International and Student Scholar form found on the TCU Graduate Studies website under Admissions, https://graduate.tcu.edu/